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UnknownYesterday I discovered Podcasting, yeah I know, many of you have been downloading podcasts for years but I never really got involved in podcasts until recently.
I had started listening to a lot of online radio stations such as Collins & Mason’s fantastic show on Back 2 Back FM but the show is aired at a time which is quite inconvenient to me due to the wedding bookings that we do and I end up only catching parts of the show rather than listening to the whole 2 hours.
After finally meeting Collin’s I thought I should make more of an effort to listen to the whole show so I decided to download the show from Podomatic where you can find an archive of the recent shows, I then synced the shows to my iPod, *you can sync them to whatever device you may have) and I then listened to the last 2 weeks shows while out working the cab last night, the obvious advantage is that I can now listen to the shows I want to hear when I want to hear them and I am able to pause the show when a passenger gets in the cab who wants to talk to me.
If you haven’t got into podcasts yet I would suggest you take a look, listen to the type of music and shows you want when you want rather than listening to the bland content that is churned out by commercial radio stations these days.

LTC communication worse than ever

Unknown-4When Geely took over control of The London Taxi Company they stated that communications would improve but lately we have found it to be quite the opposite.

Last week I telephone LTC to order some parts, I dialled the Brewery Road telephone number and duly pressed 3 for the parts department, I then heard the ringing tone for about 30 seconds which was then interrupted by a voice message which said “the extension you are calling is not answering! Goodbye” and then the line went dead.

I tried calling back and got the same result on numerous occasions, I tried calling back the following day and got the same response

So come on LTC whats going on, do you not want to do business or sell parts?

Free Email Addresses for Taxi Drivers

Unknown-3Do you have one of those unmemorable email addresses like Would you like something more suited to your occupation?
We are now able to offer free email address to London Taxi Drivers such as
These email addresses are totally secure as you can, and should change your password from the default one given to you when the address is set up.
Your email can then either be accessed through you email client or through our web interface.
If you would like a email address please reply to this post and we will get in touch with you