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Get Taxi App Sign InGet Taxi have finally, after 3 years of waiting, have finally released their drivers app for mobile devices.

The drivers app is available for both iPhone and Android devices.

This means that existing drivers can finally get rid of the cheap, unreliable, crappy driver box/tablet that we have been forced to use, and drivers who did not sign up as they didn’t want the crappy driver box can now do so and make use of the app.

Now you would think that with this App that Get Taxi would be encouraging more drivers to sign up remotely using just their mobile device! But no not Get Taxi, they are insisting that all drivers who want to use the new app need to visit their office!

Considering Get Taxi are supposed to be a Technology company you would have thought that they would encourage drivers to use technology to sign up for their service.

Many drivers di not sign up for Get Taxi due to having to visit the office to do so, or because they did not want another device in their taxi cluttering up their working space, so you would think that the arrival of this new app would have brought a lot of those drivers on board! But Get Taxis instance that drivers, both old and new visit their office will go further to deter a lot of drivers from signing up for the service.

One of the advantages of the Hailo app was that you did not have to visit their office to gain access to the app, unless of course you were having problems then you could visit the office to get help, you would think that Get Taxi would have learnt from this and the phenomenal initial growth of Hailo compared to get Taxis very slow and stagnated growth.

Get Taxi gained a few drivers after Hailo decided to take on PH drivers but you would have thought that would have had a mass sign up, but due to the restriction of using the driver box it never happened.

With this new app, Get Taxi now have a real chance of gaining a lot of drivers but with their insistence that drivers visit  their office to gain access to their app it may not happen.

Get Taxi state that they listen to what drivers want, but clearly they have not heard what drivers are saying with regards to signing up for their service.

Get Taxi should revise their policy and allow drivers to sign up remotely, then I think they will see a lot more drivers on their system, until then I feel the status quo with regards to driver numbers will remain mainly unchanged.