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SuperCabby Podcast Episode 16 – Mason McQueen Interview

Mason McQueen A Cabbie Abroad

Mason McQueen is the archetypal London cab driver. He lives in a comfortable home in Essex with his wife and daughter, knows the capital’s streets like the back of his hand, and never stops talking.
But he was almost lost for words when he went to India to share the life of taxi driver Pradeep Sharma, who lives in a tiny shack with his extended family and drives a cab without air conditioning in the stifling heat of Mumbai’s legendary traffic jams.
Mason has been driving a Taxi in London for 8 years, before doing the Knowledge of London he worked on the doors of various Hotels in London including the Dorchester which was the last Hotel that he worked before obtaining his badge.
Mason McQueen is the London Taxi Driver who took part in the BBC TV program A Cabbie Abroad where he drove a Taxi in 3 different Countries.
Mason’s journey took him to Fiji, Canada and Cambodia where he drove a Taxi along with a host taxi driver from the City.

A Cabbie Abroad

Mason was offered the Cabbie Abroad program from his contribution to a program called Toughest Place To Be, where he drove a Taxi in Mumbia.

 Toughest Place To Be

Mason talks about his experiences in the different Cities around the World, and how tough it was to drive a Taxi in these places.
Mason explains about the rent that drivers pay for the taxis and the amount of money that they earn driving in the Cities that he visited.
Mason tells his experience of driving a Tuk Tuk in Cambodia, how difficult it was and how little money they earn in return for a long days work.
He says that coming back to London and getting back into his Taxi was so much more civilised than the places that he visited, and how much more relaxed he is driving in London.
Unfortunately the A Cabbie Abroad program is no longer available on BBC iPlayer, so maybe the BBC intend showing the program again in the future.

Mason teaches his hosts how to sing “I’m Forever Blowing Bubbles”

If there is anyone you would like to hear interviewed on this podcast then please get in touch and let me know, I will then contact the person and find out whether they would be willing to come on the show.

Stickers to Print Out & Inform the Public

Below you can find a couple of poster/stickers that you can print out and put in your Taxi to inform the Public about using cars booked by Hotel Staff and how easy it is just to stick your hand out and hail a Taxi.
These are not my idea but I have copied these from Taxi Leaks, I personally think this is a great idea and every driver should print these out and stick them in their Taxi.

Two new stickers:

Please Print out, Laminate and display in Cab for punters to see..

Put the first one behind your seat and the narrow one on the other side.
They look great.
We need someone to help finance tip up seat posters.
Let the public know what we are up against, instead of just moaning to ourselves on forums and locked Twitter accounts that no one sees but us.