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SuperCabby Podcast Episode 20 – Christmas Special

SuperCabby Podcast Album ArtIn this episode I interview a minicab driver!
It was quite weird how this episode came into being as it wasn’t planned or wasn’t one that I intended to do.
Have a listen and let me know what you think?
I would like to thank everyone for listening to the podcasts through 2014.
Have a very Merry Christmas & a Happy and Prosperous New Year.

London Assembly Taxi & Private Hire Investigation Responses

Screen Shot 2014-12-15 at 22.37.06During the investigation carried out by the London Assembly, Caroline Pidgeon asked for submissions from interested parties and organisations for the committee to consider during the investigation.
To read all of the responses please click on the link below to download the PDF file
All responses_0
The Taxi Trade sent in various submissions which include very comprehensive and well written submissions from:
The London Cab Drivers Club (LCDC)
RMT London Taxi Drivers Branch
United Cabbies Group (UCG)
Also a couple of submissions were sent in from individual members of the above organisations.

So where are the others?

The thing that has surprised me is that I could find no written submission from either the Licensed Taxi Drivers Association (LTDA) or Unite!
I do know that Steve McNamara, The General Secretary of the LTDA gave a verbal submission to the committee but you would think that the trades largest drivers representative organisation would have backed up Steve’s presentation with a carefully written submission.
Of course the London Private Hire Car Association (LPHCA) made a submission.
Even the London Pedicab Owners Association submitted a report to the committee.
So why no submission from either the LTDA or Unite?

Garrett Emmerson : The Final Insult.

Garrett Emmerson’s arrogant performance on London Live.

Members from both the licensed Taxi and Private Hire Trades are calling for the resignation or Garrett Emmerson, after his disastrous performance in an interview on London Live.
After being told by the elected members of Grater London Authority Transport Committee that TfL’s performance was woefully inadequate, Emmerson arrogantly refused to  accept anything was/is wrong. He then added insult to injury by exaggerating past performance results and actually lied about manpower resources.
In the interview, Caroline Pidgeon stated cab enforcement in London is woefully under resourced. Garrett countered that the overhaul status of enforcement should include not only TfL’s impotent compliance, who have no authority over licensed or unlicensed touts, but also the whole metropolitan police force. He said the actual footfall of enforcement was more in the region of 400. He would have been more accurate had he said the region of Narnia.
The proof as they say is in the pudding:
Back in November, the Chair of the LCDC sent a Text to an enforcement officer he had met in a previous meeting. The text appertained to touting being carried out at the Walkabout Pub. The reply shown below shows the true extent of Cab Enforcement in London, on a Saturday night.

Text published on Twitter 

The text is proof, Garrett Emmerson tried to mislead Caroline Pidgeon, chair of the London Assembly Transport Committee, over the issue of enforcement manpower.

>Amazingly he also said he finds it hard to recognise that TfL need to get the basics right. As an instance, he alleged illegal touting had reduced by 37%. This is nonsense, what he should have said is, the number of convictions for illegal touting fell by 37%, a completely different aspect.

He also tried to allude it is TfL’s regulatory service, that is the Gold Standard, when in fact it is the London Taxi Trade which is the Gold Standard, not because of TfL but despite TfL.

TfL never made the Taxi Service in London the best Taxi service in the world, they inherited us from the Met.

Editorial Comment:

One thing that needs exploring is the splitting up of Taxis and Private Hire. They are two separate trades and have different operating needs and policies.

There is no way they should be under one directorate.

After all we don’t have London Underground and Buses. Both are separate divisions of Transport in London with two separate directorates and Managing Directors.

David Mellor Rant

Unknown-1For those of you who haven’t heard the David Mellor Rant at the Taxi driver you can now listen to it here.
I heard a lot of drivers say that the driver was wrong to sell the recording of the conversation, and I was of the same opinion, but after listening to it I am undecided whether selling the recording was right or wrong.
Mr Mellor does threaten to shame the driver on public radio during the conversation, and maybe he would have if the driver had not got in first and sold the recording to a newspaper.
I do not think the driver had much choice but to get the recording heard, especially after the threats that Mr Mellor made towards the driver.
Had Mr Mellor reported the driver then who would TFL have believed? I doubt very much if they would have believed the drivers side of the story.
Have a listen and make your own mind up!