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Promotional Video crew wanted from within the taxi trade.

UnknownI am looking to put a crew together who have experience in filming and sound to record a promotional video for the London Taxi Trade.
I have all of the necessary equipment to record the video, I have access to camera’s, sound recording equipment and video editing software.
But I am unable to undertake such an enormous task on my own, so I am looking for people who have experience in filming from within our trade, and also people who have no experience but can just come along to assist with the filming.
This is a large undertaking on my part but we could get all of the filming done within a day if we get enough volunteers to make this project happen.
I will also need someone who has an extremely smart TX4 fairly new London Taxi to take part in the film.
This project could really make a difference to our trade and could have a real positive impact on the travelling public in London which in turn would generate more work for drivers.
I don’t want to give away too many details of the basis for this promotional video, but what I can say is that the angle was conceived by a group of people with the help of an executive from a very large, high profile, well known advertising company.
If you would like to help with this exciting project then please get in touch via the contact page on this site or DM me on Twitter

SuperCabby Interviews Russell Howarth from Arresting Uber 30

pIUs7j_b_400x400SuperCabby Interviews Russell Howarth from Arresting Uber 30
In this episode I interview Russell Howarth from Arresting Uber again in a follow up via Skype.
Russell returned to Australia after his visit to London and has been doing a lot of work with various Taxi Trades around the World to combat the rise of what he calls a Criminal Cartel, Uber.
Russell explains his plans for combating Uber in London and also shared a few ideas that are not in this podcast as he didn’t want Uber to know exactly what his ideas are.
Russell fully intends to return to the UK and he explains how this can happen during the interview, he also says that our trade really needs to come together and unite for a common cause in fighting these tech startups.
Russell is the guy, who in Australia has made citizens arrests on Uber X drivers for operating illegally without the correct licenses or insurance.
Russell states that he has managed, through his actions, to lose Uber over 60% of their business in Australia and he is being commended by both Taxi and Limo drivers across Australia.
Russell has travelled to the UK at his own expense and is here for nearly a month to talk to Taxi Trade Organisations and he also has a meeting scheduled towards the end of the month with Leon Daniels at TFL.
Russell has a lot of ideas as to the way in which the London Taxi trade can combat the phenomenal growth of Uber in London and to thwart their attempts at cornering the market in London and the UK as a whole.
Russell also said that any driver that is any doubts as to the effect that Uber could have on the London Taxi & Private Hire trades in London should speak to any driver in America where Uber operates, he said that Taxi drivers have found that they are now taking 75% less than they were before, so if you think you can sustain running a a London Taxi on a mere 25% or what you currently earn, pay the mortgage and put food on the table then please carry on burying your heads in the sand!
Russell Howarth Arresting an Uber X driver in Australia
Russell has some good angles on how to combat Uber, he recognises that Uber are licensed in London and that the drivers are also licensed by TFL but he also says that there are a number of points on which Uber are breaking the law.
You can follow Russell on Twitter @arrestinguber or take a look at the Arresting Uber website

Russell Square Cab Shelter

2015-04-22 20.30.07
2015-04-22 18.18.14
Today after finishing a treasure hunt in the taxi I pulled up on the rank at the Russell Square Cab Shelter with MacTheCab.
We noticed the the Shelter was open so decided to grab a coffee, while we were standing there the smell of the food being cooked inside was gorgeous.
We got chatting to the shelter proprietor, Danny and we commented on how good whatever it was he was cooking smelt. Danny said he was cooking a curry and invited us in to try a little bit.

Well I have got to say the curry tasked fantastic, Danny said that he likes to prepare all of the food that he cooks fresh at the shelter. The curry was so good that we both decided to stay and eat at the shelter.

Danny told us that his sister Kate runs the shelter during the daytime from 7:30am till 2:30pm and that Pat used to run the shelter of a evening cooking her Thai food, but Pat recently gave up the night shelter and it was offered to Danny.

Danny currently opens the shelter Wednesday, Thursday and Friday nights from 5:00pm till 10pm and Saturday’s and Sundays from 12:00 midday till 10:00pm.

On Saturdays Danny cooks traditional English food like Shepherd’s Pie, and Sunday’s he cooks traditional Sunday Roast’s

While we were at the Shelter a few opt the regulars came in to eat and all of them commented on how good the food was and that Danny is a great cook.

Danny is the son of a Taxi Driver, he said that at the moment business is a little slow at the moment, he thinks that drivers are still not aware that he is open of a night, he said that obviously his regulars like it that way as they are always guaranteed that they can get seated and served quickly.

Danny is a very talkative guy who loves to have a laugh and joke, you will be made welcome whether you stop for a take away tea or coffee or if you stop to eat.

Danny also has a Twitter account for the shelter which you can find @RussellSqCabHut

Danny serves a cooked dinner, desert and as much yes or coffee as you want for £7.00 which is remarkable value for money.
If you are looking for somewhere to stop and eat I can thoroughly recommend the Russell Square Cab Shelter, I can assure you that you will not be disappointed.
Take away teas, coffee’s, sandwiches and dinners are also available from the shelter.

Fascinating Video – Oldest Footage of London

This is the oldest footage of London ever. Includes amazing old footage, plus modern shots of the same location today. Also features maps carefully researched to show where the camera was. Arranged by location, 46 shots of classic footage with a twist and an inspiring soundtrack.
The video features:

  • 46 vintage shots of recognizable places in London from 1890-1920
  • Added dates and maps to show where the camera was
  • Amazing side-by-side comparison with modern footage of exactly the same spot
  • The clip that is the oldest surviving footage of London from 1890.

Trying to buy a Suit!

imagesI have been looking around over the last couple of weeks for a few new suits to replace the ones that I wear in the Taxi when I do Wedding and corporate work, and I am becoming increasingly frustrated with the poor levels of stock in both high street stores and online outlets.

I am not looking for cheap suits but by the same token I don’t really want to spend hundreds of pounds on a suit to wear in the taxi! If I were buying the suit for special occasions than I would spend a little more but I consider £100-£200 should be adequate for a half decent suit to wear while doing wedding work in the cab.

You see I have a problem which I am sure that I must share with quite a few cabbies out there! Yes you’ve guessed it, I am not the typical shape, I am a little on the large size!

The other problem is that I have quite broad shoulders, so to ensure that I do not rip the arms off a suit jacket I need to buy a size 50-52 inch chest size. Most high street retailers only seem to stock up to a size 46-48 inch jacket which I have trouble even getting my arms to fit in, and once on it feels that if I flex my biceps I will rip the arms of the jacket straight along the seems!

After a few days trolling the high streets and coming home fruitless and frustrated I have resorted to looking online. Now the strange thing is that most of the high street retailers that I visited list larger size suits on their websites, and most list my sizes, but none of them ever appear to have any stock of the larger sizes! Their websites state “keep checking back for stock” well I do keep checking back and they never have any bloody stock.

It makes me wonder if these stores actually know what they are doing, are the larger sizes that popular that as soon as they come in stock they sell out straight away? And if that is the case why do they not also stock the larger sizes in their hist street stores? Or do the buyers for these stores think that men of a lager size do not wear suits? When I think of the buyers for these stores I get a picture in my mind of some skinny trendy little university graduate who wears one of those ridiculous skinny tight fighting suits, who is totally oblivious to the World around them and the diversity of people within it.

My frustration of not finding a decent suit led me to look at outlets online who supposedly specialise in supplying the “Larger Man” but they seem to throw up another problem! If you order a Large Suit Jacket they supply trousers to match the jacket! so for a 50-52 inch jacket I would end up with trousers to fit a waist size of around 46-48 inches! I know I do not have the smallest of waist sizes, but 46-48 inches I am not, trousers of that size would look stupid on me and I would need to wear braces to hold them up. The image in my mind of me wearing trousers of that size is that of a clown with the big hoop in the top of the trousers wear onlookers can see down inside the trousers!

So here I am still without a new suit! It has got me wondering whether the traditional suit is going out of fashion and that is why it is becoming increasingly difficult to buy an “of the peg” suit.

I am sure that many of you have had the same problem and would welcome your suggestions as I am beginning to lose the will to live keep looking.

Please leave your comments below.