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Russell – Arresting Uber Final Interview – London Taxi Radio Interviews 34

Russell Howarth – Arresting Uber Final Interview
This is basically the final interview of this type we will be doing with Russell as this is make or break time as to whether Russell comes to the UK to help the London Taxi Trade int heir fight with Uber.
Russell explains that he does not have sufficient funds to pay for his trip to London or to live while he is here, and neither should the London Taxi Trade expect him to do so.
Russell explains that he has an idea where every driver can help fund his trip to London for a very small amount per driver.

Just Over 2 Weeks until Private Hire Regulations Review Closes-Have you say

Just over two weeks until Private Hire Regulations Review consultation closes


·         TfL continues to seek views on potential changes to Private Hire regulations

·         To contribute, visit

There are two weeks remaining in the consultation on proposed changes to regulations governing the Private Hire trade.  Transport for London (TfL) regulates private hire drivers, vehicles and operators and is seeking views on whether those regulations should change and how they should be managed.


TfL launched the consultation as a direct result of discussions with the taxi and private hire trades.  The consultation seeks views on a wide-ranging number of topics relating to the Private Hire industry, including: 

·         whether drivers should meet a standard English-language requirement before becoming licensed;

·         whether TfL should take on an increased role in the complaints procedure;

·         how regulations may be amended to allow ride-sharing; and

·         how regulations governing in-venue operators may be improved.

The consultation also asks whether private hire operators’ databases, of bookings and jobs undertaken, should be uploaded to TfL’s servers. This would provide TfL with a greater understanding of the industry, assist in licensing and aid enforcement activity.


Transport for London – London Taxi and Private Hire  

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Web: For licensing information visit the TfL website

 or try TfL’s Common Questions Section

Twitter: You can now follow us on Twitter @TfLTPH

Telephone: For driver and operator enquiries call 0343 222 4444, for vehicle enquiries call 0343 222 5555