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Taxi App, a new app for London's taxi drivers

hyt-ke4lThursday 6th October 2016 see’s the launch of a new Taxi App, “oh no not another app” I hear you say, well yes, another app but this time it is different from the previous offerings.

Previously all of the apps that have been aimed at Taxi drivers have been from Corporate companies backed by Venture Capitalists looking to earn a profit off the back of the hard working Taxi driver.

Well this new app is different, their are no investors, no venture capitalists, no CEO’s on outrageous salaries, nope, it has been set up as a Not for Profit company.

The app is simply called Taxi App and has been set up by a small group of passionate London taxi drivers who believe in the future of our 360 year old trade.

Taxi App will also operate in a different way to other apps, there will be no commission charged on any job, so no 10% or 13.5% deductions from your earnings, the fare on the meter at the end of the journey is yours to keep.

So how will Taxi App operate? drivers will be charged a subscription of £5 per week, so it doesn’t matter if you accept jobs totalling £400 or more in a week, all you will ever pay is £5 per week.

Is there any work on the app you ask? Well lets be honest, to start with of course not, there have been a few jobs go through the app but without any money to promote the app to the public the steering team will have to wait until funds start to build up before they can embark on any promotions.

I have, for over 5 years, been extolling the virtues of the London taxi trade owning and controlling its own app, there has always been the worry that the existing apps want to control the trade so that they can manipulate the trade to maximise their profits, and if one investor backed app gained market share within London then where would that leave the working driver? They can remove a driver from the app at will leaving you without part of your income that you may well have become used to earning.

This is the app that our trade has been crying out for, an app for drivers, run by drivers with no one creaming any profit off the top, but it needs as many drivers as possible to get involved.

There is a caveat, it needs you the driver to sign up and be available for work on the app, it also needs you to promote the app to every potential taxi customer.

There is no point in saying “I will sign up once there is some work on the app” it doesn’t work like that. to make this work there needs to initially be an oversupply of drivers to service the customers. When a customer uses the app to order a Taxi there needs to be one available otherwise that customer may never use the app again.

Taxi App is not looking to convert the street hailing passenger, far from it they want to encourage customers to use street hailing when and where possible but to use Taxi App when they are in a location where Taxis do not normally drive past.

Any surplus income from subscriptions over and above the operating costs of Taxi App will be reinvested to promote the London taxi trade as Taxi App does not need to make a profit, the app has been set up purely for the benefit of the working taxi driver in London.

If you value your job and this trade you have nothing to lose but everything to gain, what is a fiver, 2 Costa coffee’s, less than a packet of cigarettes. Taxi App needs you the driver to sign up for the App, work the App and promote the App.

To find out more about Taxi App or to sign up please click here

Back To Black, Haven't We Heard That Before?

Andrew Pinnington the current CEO of Hailo has today made a statement aimed at the London Taxi Trade (Black Cabs). Hailo have handed back their private hire license and now want to concentrate on the London Taxi Trade.

Now before you stop reading this post in the belief that it will be full of negativity let me make my thoughts perfectly clear! This statement can only be good news for the London Taxi Trade, it is positive and to some extent enforces the fact that Hailo cannot compete against the like of Uber by using Private Hire drivers, it also proves that Hailo were better off when they originally only allowed Black Cabs on the app.

I want to try to take an objective view with regards to this announcement, but by the same token it is an emotive subject, as we know emotions among drivers were running extremely high when it was leaked that Hailo had applied for a Private Hire Operators License, drivers who had been friends for many years no longer speak because they disagreed over one of them remaining on Hailo.

Hailo’s “Back to Black” will give the trade an app that is already familiar to the travelling public, and an app that is already established, has a broad customer base, an app that has a presence around the World and an app with a catchy and simple name.

But, and you should know me by now, there is always a but! I agree that this is good news, but the question is can Hailo be trusted?

Past on the past history of Hailo how do we know that they can be trusted? Yes I watched the Youtube Video from Andrew Pinnington giving his personal assurances, but how long will he be in the position of CEO?

What happens if the Taxi Trade put their trust in Hailo once again and begin to build the business and more passengers start using Hailo. We can see that the use of apps to call for personal transportation is on the increase, we know that the younger generation are more tech savvy and use their personal communication devices to run their life, they are basically lazy and live in the belief that everything should either be delivered to them or come to them without them having to exert any energy.

So the fact is that fares from apps will increase, there is no doubt about that, in contrast street hails will obviously decrease, I am not saying that street hails will disappear as I am genuinely in the belief that there will always be those who prefer to walk out on the street and raise their arm to hail a Taxi, but as the evolution of the trade progresses it is inevitable that app hails will increase and street hails will decrease.

Now if the whole of the London taxi trade backs Hailo and once again builds their business for them as they did when Hailo first launched there may come a time when drivers rely more on the app for work than they do on the street hail to earn their living. This could lead the trade into a very dangerous situation.

Back when Hailo were in favour with the trade we started to see them trying to dictate to the drivers, they believed, incorrectly, that drivers needed them, so what would stop them from taking that stance again, especially if the app were to end up providing drivers with a substantial percentage of their earnings?

We know that certain private hire companies already dictate to their drivers what hours they can work, they penalise them for not working the busy periods, certain companies even remove a driver should their feedback become bad or their rating score drops below a certain figure. If London Taxi drivers come to rely on one prominent app they may well find themselves in a situation similar to that experienced by private hire drivers who rely on app based companies to supply them with work.

So once Hailo’s customer base is once again grown and the London taxi drivers are servicing the app, what is there to stop Hailo from raising the percentage that they take from the drivers for each job? Drivers have no input into the way in which Hailo is run, so the trade would have no input into any decision made by Hailo.  Would drivers once again delete the app? Or would they have become so reliant on the work that the app provides them that they would be scared to rock the boat.

Hailo have in past removed drivers from the system who spoke out against their decisions, or who voiced an opinion in public about the way in which Hailo was being run, what is there to stop them from returning to this practice again? What if Hailo become dominant in the market place and you the driver becomes very reliant on the work they provide you, a customer makes a complaint and Hailo decide to deactivate you? What can you do? How will you earn your money?

We have to remember that Hailo’s CEO is ultimately answerable to the shareholders and not the taxi drivers who service the app. The shareholders interest in Hailo is profit and profit is the bottom line. If the CEO does not perform then as we have seen in the past they are removed and replaced with someone who will give the VC’s what they desire. So the CEO’s assurances, however genuine they may be, no matter how sincere or honest he may be, must be taken with a pinch of salt.

So should you go back on Hailo? That is not a decision that I am prepared to make for you. All London Taxi drivers are self employed and as such should consider themselves as small business men and woman, so the choice as to whether you go back on the app or not should be your own educated business decision. A decision based on whether it would be right for you to go back on Hailo as to how it will benefit you as a driver.

Should you decide to go back on Hailo I would ask you to consider one thing! And that is please do not put all of your eggs in one basket, and by that I mean do not service the Hailo app to the detriment of the other apps available for the Black Cab trade, we all know that a virtual monopoly is no good for anyone, especially us the drivers. If we have more than one app that we support it will keep Hailo not heir toes and not allow them to dominate our trade. We do not want to allow ourselves to fall into the trap of allowing one app company to monopolise our trade and ultimately make decisions for us that we have to adhere to as we have become reliant upon the work that they provide for us.

The ideal situation would have been for our trade to own and control its own app, one that we could run and use to the advantage of the trade and the drivers within. As our own app company would not have to make a profit for any VC’s or shareholders all of the profits could have been funnelled back into  allowing our own company to run customer promotions which would not have been to the detriment of the driver. We could have offered discount codes and vouchers but the driver could still have been paid the metered fare as the promotions could have been funded from within the surplus made from driver charges. An ideal World!

Its a shame that the many attempts to launch and initiative have failed, its also a massive shame that the current radio circuits within our trade did not have the foresight to shape the business and streamline to compete in todays market place.

Below I have reproduced Hailo’s blog and provided a link the video for those who are not on Hailo’s email database.

Good luck with your decision as to whether you will, or will not, put your faith in Hailo again


Message from Andrew Pinnington, CEO of Hailo:
Since being in charge of Hailo from the beginning of the year, it’s become apparent to me that Hailo and the taxi trade need to be more united to build a stronger future together. To achieve this we have made the decision to resign our private hire licence and return to black cab only in London.
As a company founded by Cabbies, Hailo was made strong by its original connections to the taxi trade and we feel we’ve drifted too far from it. We have consulted extensively with the trade unions who have all backed our decision. We are doing this as its routed in a genuine belief that you, London’s black cab drivers, provide the public with a crucial service.
Together we need to start by exposing the two big pieces of misinformation about the taxi trade: that cabbies don’t like new technology, and that taxis are a dying trade.
Cabbies began using tech before companies like Uber even existed.
We see every single day a million reasons why taxis are here to stay. All cities need transport that doesn’t just give value for money, but one that provides exceptional service, safety, reliability and accessibility. We have to put a value on all of these things, not just a low price. Black cabs are a godsend for people who want to travel home at night safely; people that need a little extra help getting around, such as those with disabilities or mums and dads that need a bit more space for the kids; and businesses that want the most knowledgeable and speedy way to get from A – B. For all of these people, having a thriving sector of the industry that meets their needs is critical. If we allow price and market forces to be the only criteria, it just creates a race to the bottom on who can deliver the cheapest service.
Black cabs offer a safe, accessible, knowledgeable, opinionated, iconic, speedy and world-class service. Who else can match that?
With a joint belief in these benefits, this is why we are making this promise to you today so that, together, we can use tech to empower you to build a thriving 21st century black cab trade through innovation, data and cutting-edge apps.
With your world-class service and our unbeatable technology, together we can win.
At the heart of this is our commitment to go back to black –100% Hackney Carriage. No ifs, no buts, just taxis.
And to prove to you that we mean this, this is what we are committed to now and in the future:

  • Hailo will be black cab only
  • We will use technology to further reinvent a London icon
  • We will Introduce new & improved ways of working with Hailo, including:
    • A relaunched FastPay solution, giving you the ability to accept card payments from jobs off the street and those booked through Hailo
    • Commission-free periods
    • Capped commission structures – details of all of this will follow over the next few months.
    • A boost to the Dedicated and Priority programmes, providing more work to our most committed drivers.
  • We will stay rooted in our communities – as a British born company we care about the city in which we live in
  • We won’t pick and mix on regulations. Rules are rules – they are there to protect the public interest. If we need new ones, we will work with you and regulators to create them.
  • We’ll give drivers jobs coming in, jobs all day and jobs going home via an indispensable app
  • Continue to make multi-million pound investments in marketing black cabs to get drivers more work

And here are our plans for the trade. We will:

  • Campaign at every level of government, every day, not simply to protect your trade, but to help you build your future. We are working with politicians to make them listen to you.
  • Continue to work in partnership with trade bodies
  • Uphold the unique benefits of the Knowledge
  • Have an aspirational vision for London to make all transport 100% accessible, safe, green and reliable – and lead the world on standards, professionalism, and values.
  • Win back some of the biggest corporate accounts out there – like American Express, already signed up to our books

With your help we can make all of this happen.
Since we launched in 2011 we’ve raised over $100m investment and put over 10 million passengers on your back seats and will continue to do so today and tomorrow.
We look forward to working together with you on building a better future.
Andrew Pinnington
CEO, Hailo

Knowledge Boy's Moped Broke Down so he hired a Boris Bike and rode the Demo

This knowledge Boy wanted to show his support for Today.s Demo but his Moped apparently broke down.
So rather than just give up and go home, he hired a Boris bike and rode up and down the demo waving a “Totally Failing London” Poster as he went.

Sir, we Salute You

We need more of this kind of spirit in our trade, this knowledge boys determination to attend todays demo should be an inspiration to all.

Promotional Video crew wanted from within the taxi trade.

UnknownI am looking to put a crew together who have experience in filming and sound to record a promotional video for the London Taxi Trade.
I have all of the necessary equipment to record the video, I have access to camera’s, sound recording equipment and video editing software.
But I am unable to undertake such an enormous task on my own, so I am looking for people who have experience in filming from within our trade, and also people who have no experience but can just come along to assist with the filming.
This is a large undertaking on my part but we could get all of the filming done within a day if we get enough volunteers to make this project happen.
I will also need someone who has an extremely smart TX4 fairly new London Taxi to take part in the film.
This project could really make a difference to our trade and could have a real positive impact on the travelling public in London which in turn would generate more work for drivers.
I don’t want to give away too many details of the basis for this promotional video, but what I can say is that the angle was conceived by a group of people with the help of an executive from a very large, high profile, well known advertising company.
If you would like to help with this exciting project then please get in touch via the contact page on this site or DM me on Twitter