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Rememberance Sunday…10 Weeks To Go… By Mike Hughes

Here is the early warning for Remembrance Sunday which takes place on 9 November.

Those who have already attended in the past know the feelings that you get from this very special event and I need say nothing more to you.
For those who have not been before, we provide a free taxi service from all main line stations, Victory Service Club, Union Jack Club and Victoria Coach Station for the veterans going to and from the service and parade at the Cenotaph. To see the appreciation shown by the veterans for our expression of gratitude for all they have done for us is so deeply moving. Words, no mater how eloquent, cannot express what you feel – ask anyone who’s already done it in the past 4 years.
This is one time when all thoughts of animosity, personal differences, heated discussions of preference of vehicle, or any of the other threads that can cause differences  on this forum are all put aside. Nothing detracts from helping the veterans. People who are otherwise at loggerheads on the forum stand shoulder to shoulder united in a common cause. It is so special. If only we could bottle it!
I’ll put more details out over the next 10 weeks but at this stage I am looking for early volunteers to build up my database (used by me alone).
In addition to drivers I’m also looking for people to act as marshals in all the stations. The usual marshals always do a superb job, but, as we discovered last year, as our service has expanded we needed extra help getting to the veterans and getting them into the Poppy Cabs. Knowledge boys/girls, Family members (especially useful inside the stations to show veterans where to go), retired or non working taxi drivers – all are welcome and needed to help our stretched band of experienced marshals.
To register please send
Location (to match up with veterans)
Driver or Marshal
TX or Vito (drivers)
Knowledge boy/girl or family member (marshals)
tel no:
email address
email messages to:
SMS message : 07973 430022
New for 2014 our own Twitter account @PoppyCabs2014
As I go through the various preparation stages I will update you all here with an absolute minimum of one message each week as our countdown continues. Please look out for them and see how you can help.


Ice Bucket challenge, Magical Taxi Tour – By Jim Thomas

I’ve been nominated by my friend and fellow Taxi driver, Paul Morgan, to do an Ice Bucket challenge.
I have decided to take the opportunity to raise awareness and perhaps some funds, towards the magnificent Magical Taxi Tour. Not wanting to take anything away from the ALS charity, I will also make a donation to them.
Magical Taxi Tour
Although they have managed to exceed their target for this year, it’s a dynamic ongoing event. All donations recieved will help secure this wonderful experience for many others to enjoy on future trips.
I also get to nominate three others to take on the ice bucket challenge: 
After much deliberation I have decided to nominate fellow Taxi drivers, Mark White, Glen Alutto and Steve Brown (The Parrot).
More about the Magical Taxi Tour:  
Follow on FaceBook, The Children’s Magical Tour for Seriously ill children, as they head to Paris Disneyland via P&O Ferries from Dover in a fleet of London Taxis.
This year once again the Worshipful Company of Hackney Carriage Drivers, have organised the three-day trip of a lifetime to Disneyland Paris for children with life threatening diseases.
A convoy of over 100 London taxis, will be escorted by Police from both London and Paris, London Ambulance Service and AA also assist throughout the trip.
Putting “Kids in Cabs” is the mission and this annual event is only possible with your continued help and support, along with sponsors who generously donate towards the £1250 per taxi necessary to meet the expense, such as Hotel, fuel, food, admission charges etc.
As a result of your donations, this tour has brought moments of great joy and happiness to many unfortunate families. Some of the children who went on the last trip won’t be going this time. We are filled with sadness that some of these children have died, but with your help we are determined to keep on giving even more children this once in a lifetime opportunity.
Please consider working an extra hour over this bank holiday weekend, for the children.
If you would like to donate just click the link below
< Just click on this link >Also, you can watch the short clip below.

Sometimes A Picture Paints A Thousand Words. East London Cabbies Trip To Maldon

It was fantastic for West Ham Uniged a Football Club (@whufc_official) to allow drivers to use their facilities at such short notice.
Excerts From Points of light. 
There are heroes whose names we never hear
A dedicated army of quiet volunteers
Reaching out to feed the hungry
Reaching out to save the land
Reaching out to help their fellow men.
There are dreamers who are making dreams come true
Taking time to teach the children there’s nothing they can’t do.
Giving shelter to the homeless giving hope to those without.
Isn’t that what this land’s all about.
Editorial Comment:
Another great day for the “Army of quiet volunteers”.
It was fantastic for the Mayor of Maldon to not only welcome the procession of taxes, but he also took the trouble to welcome every driver and every child.
A big thank you to everyone who make this day so special.
    Words from Randy Travis, Points of Light.

London cabbies celebrate 20 years of charity trip

One hundred London cabbies teamed up to take sick children to Disneyland Paris over the weekend for the 20th anniversary of the Children’s Magical Taxi Tour.

The charity raises funds throughout the year to enable a convoy of licensed taxis to complete the trip, along with police escorts, ambulances and AA breakdown vehicles.

Over a hundred children suffering from a range of illnesses and life limiting conditions will spend three days at the French theme park, along with their carers, parents and a team of medics.

At the departure breakfast at Canary Wharf’s East Wintergarden on Friday [September 20th], the Lord Mayor of London, Alderman Roger Gifford, praised the work of the Worshipful Company of Hackney Carriage Drivers who organise the trip, before cutting a red ribbon to set this year’s drivers off.


The convey of vehicles can stretch up to three miles long as they travel to Dover and then through France – and have guzzled 50000 gallons of fuel throughout the two decades it has been running.

To date, they have taken around 4000 children on the once in a lifetime trip.

Giving sick children a break from their world of treatment and therapy by going on a trip of a lifetime to Disneyland Resort Paris in a convoy of London Taxis.
Children and their families can only do this with the support of Doctors, Nurses and Paramedics.
And lets not forget the guy’s and girl’s from The Police, Ambulance, Medic’s & The AA , plus the many other’s who volunteer to make this trip such a wonderful experience.

Divyesh nearing the top of Kilimajaro

Hi Everyone
Just a quick reminder that Divyesh should be nearing the top of Kilimanjaro about now on his midlife crisis climb, please sponsor him as all of the charities that he is trying to raise money for are very worthy causes.
You can find Divyesh’s Just Giving page by clicking on the link below